From Kandinsky to Hokusai. The opening exhibition of the most well kept secret gallery in Basel.

Like every Art Gallery,  every great artist must start somewhere, and in the ten years before he completed his fully abstract works, Kandinsky created figurative, evocative works on paper, largely in black and white using woodblocks. This traditional printmaking also held potential for artistic experimentations, widely used from German Expressionists (Dix, Beckmann, Kokoschka) to Japanese Ukiyo-e masters like Hokusai.

Discover these treasures in the jewel box of the MG-Galerie, in a 1414 building at the heart of Basel.

Open upon request: brian@mg-galerie.ch / +41 78 695 9474.

St-Johannsvorstadt 15 – 4056 Basel – Switzerland

Sponsor: www.marees-gesellschaft.com

MG Galerie is an art gallery based in Basel at the St. Johanns-Vorstadt 15, founded in 2019 to celebrate the work of Julius Meier-Graefe and his Marées-Gesellschaft and to showcase the private art collection of its owner, which includes original work from Kandinsky, Beckmann, Dix, Kokoschka among many other

In addition to sharing knowledge and expertise on the Marées Gesellschaft, we also have the aspiration to bring to our customers unique items of contemporary artists and objects of exception from all over the world.

Open upon request.